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Through the Lens

Back to Issue | February 2021 Through the Lens Conversation between Nahid Siddiqui and Masoom Parmar “As a child, I didn’t know why I would get this compulsion, this urge to dance,” says Nahid Siddiqui, one of Pakistan’s most iconic kathak dancers. “Even at the

From the Guest Editor

Back to Issue | February 2021 Crystal Ball Gazing: What’s in Store for Performing Arts in 2021? 2020 was an incredibly challenging year for the performing arts, as the pandemic brought the sector activities to a standstill. In order to keep up the momentum, several

UNMUTE: Breaking the Culture of Silence

Back to Issue | February 2021 UNMUTE: Breaking the Culture of Silence On January 15th, 2020 beej and the Kri foundation shared space with Asiya Shervani, an inclusion and diversity advisor, to start a conversation about a topic often looked over:  the ethics and values

Out of the Ordinary

Back to Issue | February 2021 Camera's New Muse Lights  Camera  Rolling Action... In cinema, as you hear the above, action unfolds for the camera with one take or sometimes many for the story to be told. This recreated reality is filtered with editing choices

NeoNarthaki Recommends – February 2021

NeoNarthaki Recommends Dancer and educator Tamisha Guy joins to discuss financial literacy for dancers and how to make the dance world a more equitable place for the next generation. The hosts also talk about holding our own organization accountable following Bria Bacon's open letters to

NeoNarthaki Recommends – December 2020

NeoNarthaki Recommends   One of India’s best art festivals goes virtual. Catch all the action at Serendipity Virtual Arts Festival here The New York Dance and Performance (Bessie) Awards, which will not give individual prizes this year, announced their 2020 nominees, each of whom will

Through the Lens

Back to Issue | December 2020 Through the Lens Conversation between Kanak Rele and Matangi Prasan Being a Gujarati, how did you gravitate towards Kathakali? Since this art form is culturally connected. Were there any moments where you felt disconnected? What efforts did you have

Doing Justice with Art

Back to Issue | December 2020 Doing Justice with Art Armed conflict breaks society from ground up, no matter where it happens. Historically, humankind has risen out of armed conflict while holding onto memory, etched in the form of the words Never Again, personified through

From the Editor

Back to Issue | December 2020 The Multiple Modernities of Bharatanatyam Hidden away in a footnote in Saskia Kersenboom’s ‘Nityasumangali’ (1987) were the words – “Now, in 1984, the two styles are mutually unrecognizable and irreconcilable. Perhaps the time is ripe to distinguish between a