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Doing Justice with Art

Back to Issue | December 2020 Doing Justice with Art Armed conflict breaks society from ground up, no matter where it happens. Historically, humankind has risen out of armed conflict while holding onto memory, etched in the form of the words Never Again, personified through

From the Editor

Back to Issue | December 2020 The Multiple Modernities of Bharatanatyam Hidden away in a footnote in Saskia Kersenboom’s ‘Nityasumangali’ (1987) were the words – “Now, in 1984, the two styles are mutually unrecognizable and irreconcilable. Perhaps the time is ripe to distinguish between a

Astad – Icon, Rebel, Superstar

Back to Issue | December 2020 Astad - Icon, Rebel, Superstar A fond remembrance…. and farewell Our Contemporary dance in India has to evolve and be Indian Contemporary - Astad Deboo Astad Deboo’s voice, his memorable chakkars on stage, his prodigious talent in riveting performances,

Out of the Ordinary

Back to Issue | December 2020 AI, Indian Art and the World Do India’s ancient art and craft traditions naturally prepare it for a world where Artificial Intelligence is at the centre of affairs? Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) dominates the market to the extent where

The Doctor Dancer

Back to Issue | December 2020 A Balancing Act “…Oh, so you are an actual doctor too ?”   “…Well, yes..” “…like a male nurse? Homeopathy?…An Ayurvedic doctor maybe?” “No. I am a general practitioner of Allopathy.”   “Oh, so what dance do you do?” “Bharatanatyam.”

NeoNarthaki Recommends – August2020

NeoNarthaki Recommends Swan Lake Bath Ballet choreographed by Corey Baker Dance with 27 elite ballet dancers from renowned dance companies across the globe Remembering Amala Shankar through the iconic Kalpana. Watch here - Listen to scholar and author Madhavi Menon dissect ideas of

Through the Lens

Back to Issue | October 2020 Through the Lens Conversation between Raja & Radha Reddy and Tanya Saxena Drs. Raja and Radha Reddy are legends of Kuchipudi - their names synonymous with the dance form. For many dancers, especially those growing up in Delhi in

If I Could

Back to Issue | October 2020 If I Could “IF I COULD” explores my connection with dance, mythological and iconic characters. I recently taught myself how to animate and the video you see has over 350 frames all of which have been individually drawn. The

Out of the Ordinary

Back to Issue | October 2020 Lighting Design for Dance during COVID Times The world is going through an unprecedented time. The Covid Pandemic has changed our worlds. And one of the most affected communities has been the performance arts community. The dance community in

Care And Who I Am

Back to Issue | October 2020 Care And Who I Am So what’s next?  As I think about this question, I also realize that there’s nothing radical about being me. My transness or the brown that drips with every turn of my accent does not