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Visual Illustrators

Three Innovative Visual Arts Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

Illustrative art has always remained a medium of reflection and perception that redefines our imaginations towards the things around us. We decided to round-up 3 exceptional artists from Instagram whose art works are influenced by the Indian Classical Arts environment. From social narratives to nostalgia, these artists tick off the right boxes when it comes to spell binding art. 

We share here three innovative visual illustrators who explore classical and traditional themes for the contemporary audience.

1. Cartoon Natyam by Veena Basavarajaiah (Follow on Instagram)

Striking the perfect balance between illustration,  dialogue and the world of dance, Cartoon Natyam run by Veena Basavarajaiah is a modern day narrative of the Indian Classical ethos. Apart from exceptional comical art work, the cartoons discuss dilemmas students, teachers, artists, curators and people involved with the arts face in a modern world practicing an ancient classical art form.

2. Samyukta Harish’s Digital Art (Follow on Instagram)

Samyukta Harish’s digital art caricatures would have definitely caught your eye if you have ever spent time looking at classical arts inspired artworks. Her perfect blend of digital art to represent the Indian Classical Dance portraits is what makes her unique. They are new, they are catchy, they appeal to a wide audience and their “how to” reels are just addictive.

3. Sketches & Songs by Maitreyi (Follow on Instagram)

Sketches and Songs run by Maitreyi brings to life a whole new world. Taking instances from myths and arts, her artworks is a representation of the innumerable stories and legends that offer a sense of nostalgia. Her artworks need special mention for the wide array of concepts she covers through her canvases.



Akshath Ram is a student of carnatic music, a passionate dramatist and an aspiring spoken word artist. He is an arts writer and enjoys weaving words to create engaging narratives. He is a student of the Humanities Program at IIT Madras.