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A Team of Two

Back to Issue | August 2020

A Team of Two

By Arundhati Prasad

As we embrace the new normal, digital platforms seem easier to occupy than physical spaces. Instant gratification comes both from posting and performing. Although the latter takes months and years to conceptualise, in the foreseeable future, we might be seeing more of the former. Appreciate, as you reminisce about the magnetic power of a LIVE audience, but don’t lose faith in the accessibility of an Instagram LIVE.

For two recent commissions during quarantine, I used my phone entirely to record, write and snip together video presentations. Here’s how one can set up a little video studio and take control of the device that tends to control us.

Get a simple tripod for your phone. This comes in handy as you can prop it up in places, turn it around to get a variety of perspectives and avoid shaky footage while shooting. If you’re somebody who hosts live sessions or interviews, then a ring light could be of help too. It might save you a trip around the house hunting for good natural light. But this is completely optional since a trip around the house is the only trip you might be taking for a while.

Make sure you are not against the light, too far away or too close to your subject as you record. You can get creative with background music, props and text!

Here are some apps that will help you edit your videos on your phone:

iMovie: A popular app for the iPhone lets you add titles, cut out unwanted footage and join multiple clips with effects. iMovie also supports 4K

Adobe Premier Rush: For Android users, this is a fun and fast app to create videos. Its automatic video feature is ideal for montages!

Quik: A GoPro video editor that is not just for go-pro users. Quick is best for action camera footage and allows for easy transitions and effects.

InShot: Ideal for videos that would go up on social media. On InShot you can trim footage, add music and stickers to share directly on your social media handles. It also has an easy user interface.

Magisto: This app is great for those who don’t have any formal video editing experience. The AI is intuitive and provides many sophisticated features.

The trick is in organising your thoughts and being conscious of digital clutter. To channel your ideas you can start by collecting images and making inspiration boards on apps like Pinterest and Designspiration. Keep those creative juices flowing, because the best kind of art comes out of a crisis.

Arundhati Prasad

Arundhati Prasad is a visual artist with a keen interest in design for social impact. She has worked in the field of healthcare advertising and currently hosts a podcast called ‘designed for good’. Follow on Instagram @arudhati

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