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The Business Of Arts

FIVE TIPS TO APPLY FOR A DANCE FESTIVAL With the arts slowly opening up post the pandemic lockdowns, several festivals have reimagined their presentation formats.  Arts festivals have begun to explore the concept of commissioned art performances that do not remain confined to traditional presentations.

NeoNarthaki Recommends – February 2021

NeoNarthaki Recommends Dancer and educator Tamisha Guy joins to discuss financial literacy for dancers and how to make the dance world a more equitable place for the next generation. The hosts also talk about holding our own organization accountable following Bria Bacon's open letters to

NeoNarthaki Recommends – December 2020

NeoNarthaki Recommends   One of India’s best art festivals goes virtual. Catch all the action at Serendipity Virtual Arts Festival here The New York Dance and Performance (Bessie) Awards, which will not give individual prizes this year, announced their 2020 nominees, each of whom will

NeoNarthaki Recommends – August2020

NeoNarthaki Recommends Swan Lake Bath Ballet choreographed by Corey Baker Dance with 27 elite ballet dancers from renowned dance companies across the globe Remembering Amala Shankar through the iconic Kalpana. Watch here - Listen to scholar and author Madhavi Menon dissect ideas of