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Decode is a series on @NeoNarthaki that spotlights contemporary issues challenges and roadblocks that dancers often encounter, through powerful narratives. As a part of the series we have dealt with the following issues in the arts.


Indian Classical Dances are generally very woman-centric with even the poetry written primarily with focus on the Heroine. As more and more men take up classical dance, how does the audience perceive them? How do they perceive themselves?

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How important is funding for the arts? Do we need a corporate working structure in the arts? Who gets to decide what kind of art gets funded? Who decides what the funded art should be about? What is/should be the relationship between funding bodies and artistes?

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Do physical features define the capability of a dancer? What is an ideal dance body? Who defines it? What role does the male gaze play in determining the dancers’ body? Does patriarchy have a role in policing the dancers’ body? How much agency do dancers have to their own body?

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Do you belong?

Who decides who gets to perform what? Where does appropriation begin? Does faith decide your practice? Can a dance form exist in isolation from its cultural context? If a dance form is separated from its cultural context, does it still get called by the same name?

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Watch our #Decode #PrideMonth series with Dipankar Panth (@dippypanther), an Artist, Somatic and Animist Practitioner, Facilitator & Creative Director at The Huda Bar.

Watch the video as Dipankar decodes “What is the difference between gender identity and sexual identity?”

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We continue our pride month Decode series with Ashish Chopra @thechopranextdoor. He decodes – How to be an ally at the workplace?

A 26-year-old HR professional with five years of experience working with 2 MNC’s, Ashish is a drag queen and also happens to be gay. He was also the 1st runner-up for Mr. Gay India 2018. Today, he takes us through how we can all be an ally at our workspaces.

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Prashant Priyadarshi will help us understand – “What is Drag?”

Prashant aka Bahaar is a businessman by day and Drag queen by night. He is a Bangalore based stylist turned entrepreneur who runs his own clothing business as well as a media production house. A vegan by choice, he is all about animal welfare.

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For Bharatanatyam dancer, Tanya Saxena, to be free is “to live, think and create without fear”
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Kuchipudi exponent, Yamini Reddy shares her thoughts about how immersing in her art completely is when she feels truly free. Watch here.





We asked the NeoNarthaki community about the idea of sustainability in dance! What are the biggest obstacles in adapting such practices? Is there an interest to become more conscious?

We have Bharatanatyam dancer, Preethi Bharadwaj who shares her response to “As dancers how can we be environmentally conscious? Watch here.

Bharatantyam dancer, Priyanka Rao shares her thoughts. Click here to watch.

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