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If I Could

Back to Issue | October 2020

If I Could

“IF I COULD” explores my connection with dance, mythological and iconic characters. I recently taught myself how to animate and the video you see has over 350 frames all of which have been individually drawn.

The first animation looks at a street fighter and how the iconic HADOUKEN became a large part of my childhood growing up. I spent countless hours at the arcades queuing up to play the game as it allowed me to escape the harsh realities of this world and enter the inner world of imagination.

I’d like to thank Hiren Chate for the sample vocals and Thaxnay for help and advice.

Subhash Viman Gorania

Subhash Viman Gorania is a cutting-edge, British choreographer and dancer. Shifting deftly between Indian classical, urban and contemporary dance, Subhash combines seamless movement with a dose of provocative humour, giving his work an unorthodox and quirky edge. His immersion in a rich plethora of dance training feeds a wide range of movement vocabulary into his choreographic work, with characteristic physicality, floor work, swift spins, humorous gesture and expression. He trained in Bharatanatyam from Chitraleka Bolar (UK) & Chaaya Kanavate (India) and Kathak from Nilima Devi MBE (UK) & Asha Jogleker (India). Follow on Instagram @subhash_viman_gorania

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