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NeoNarthaki Recommends – December 2020

NeoNarthaki Recommends


  1. One of India’s best art festivals goes virtual. Catch all the action at Serendipity Virtual Arts Festival here
  2. The New York Dance and Performance (Bessie) Awards, which will not give individual prizes this year, announced their 2020 nominees, each of whom will receive $500.
  3. Forbes’ 2021 “30 Under 30” list includes Broadway-turned-film standout Ariana DeBose, dance-turned-music phenom Tate McRae, and TikTok dance stars Charli D’Amelio and Jalaiah Harmon
  4. A woman in Maryland captured an intruder on video as she filmed herself dancing, and police have now arrested a suspect in the case.
  5. Rachael Parini, BalletMet’s only Black female dancer, talks about how racism in ballet led to her fear of failure and years of self-doubt.
  6. College dance programs emphasize artistry, but most don’t teach dancers how to sustainably support an artistic life. Slowly, that’s beginning to change.
  7. Disturbed by dances that aestheticize violence, scholar Juan Ignacio Vallejos asks: What should be considered intolerable?
  8. Here are five young female choreographers on the rise in Bollywood.
  9. The iconic Nityasumangali: Devadasi Tradition in South India by Saskia C. Kersenboom is going for a 6th edition print! You can purchase the book here.- The New York Times’ dance critics discuss the dance highlights of this far-from-ordinary year.  We need a South Asian version. Anyone listening?

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