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NeoNarthaki Recommends

NeoNarthaki Recommends

  1. Our book this month is Anurima Banerji’s “Dancing Odissi – PARATOPIC PERFORMANCES OF GENDER AND STATE”. The book traces Odissi’s transformation from its historical role as a regional artistic practice to its modern incarnation as transnational spectacle, with a focus on the state’s regulation of the dance form and the performances of gender embedded within it.
  2. The Silent Burn Project celebrating 20 years of Akram Khan Company’s unbridled expression and heart-pounding movement, this is 2 hours spent well.
  3. New-york based YY Dance Company have been offering free lessons on their IGTV where you can learn a solo as part of a global community in #solotogether.
  4. Dancer Veena Basavarajaiah’s doodles force the ‘classical’ dancer to take themselves less seriously, which can only be a good thing.
  5. Mallika Taneja, a theatre maker and independent artist from New Delhi talks about how trauma has informed her work, the importance of walking to her artistic practice, the various ways she’s created in and with the community, and why she doesn’t consider herself an activist in this podcast.
  6. I Saw a God Dance, by Bangalore based film-maker Ayisha Abraham, constructs a slice of the iconic Ram Gopal’s life from 8mm film footage found locally around the neighbourhood where Ram Gopal’s family used to reside in the early 1900’s, along with photographs, documents, reviews, audio and recent interviews with dancers, who knew him well.

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