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SIX Organisations & Opportunities to Explore in 2022

SIX Organisations & Opportunities to Explore in 2022

  • Arts for Good FellowshipSingapore International Foundation

The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) is a non-profit organisation established in 1991  to further Singapore’s globalisation efforts. SIF aims to strengthen mutual understanding, ties and trust between global communities through its programmes, and by bringing Singaporeans and overseas partners together to connect and collaborate for positive change. 

SIF’s The Arts for Good (A4G) Fellowship is organised annually to grow the A4G ecosystem, by fostering a community of practice that harnesses the power of arts and culture to create positive social change. The Fellowship brings together individuals from diverse sectors, including artists, art administrators, and social sector professionals, on an exciting journey of change. Upon completion of the programme, Fellows join a global alumni network where they continue to connect, support and collaborate with one another. 

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  • India Foundation for the Arts

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) is an independent, nationwide, not-for-profit organisation that makes grants and implements projects across research, practice and education in the arts and culture across India, since 1995. They believe that the arts and culture are essential to our individual and community lives, and for a more equitable and just world. As a facilitator, catalyst and provocateur in the field, they support critical investigations, explorations and experiments that push boundaries of knowledge and practice, and challenge dominant narratives.

IFA makes grants and implements projects with the aim of filling important gaps in private and public assistance for the arts and culture in India. Their programmes provide opportunities for artists to explore untried processes and new connections in the arts, or address systemic issues in the field. The projects involve all forms of cultural expression, while accommodating work that falls outside specific domains of art, blurs disciplinary boundaries, or anticipates new modes of artistic production and presentation.

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  • Asia Europe Foundation – Culture 360

ASEF Culture360 is designed to stimulate cultural engagement and enhance mutual understanding between Asia and Europe by providing relevant information through weekly updates on news, events, opportunities and resources. They create networking opportunities for cultural professionals who are looking to share ideas and also present grants and opportunities from Asia and Europe.

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  • Serendipity Arts Foundation: Performing Arts Grant – Theatre

Serendipity Arts Foundation is an arts and cultural development foundation created to encourage and support the arts as a significant contributor to civil society. Committed to innovation, Serendipity Arts Foundation intends to support, promote and create platforms for innovation and creativity providing the wider public with a unique cultural and historical source of modern contemporary art and culture. 

The Serendipity Arts Foundation’s Performing Arts Grant – Theatre is offered the creation of a new body of work in Theatre. The grant will offer travel support for individuals to attend an artist residency, as well as towards the creation of a new theatre piece, and the research and documentation of projects within the visual and performing arts.


  • Attakkalari: Young Choreographers Platform 

Established in 1992, Attakkalari is a registered, public charitable trust formed by artists from different disciplines to help create contexts for contemporary movement arts. Attakkalari’s mission is to spread the reach of contemporary performance arts and to make dance a viable career option for young people. They work to empower young artists by giving them the necessary tools and training, that will enable them to create fresh physical expressions related to their experiences, memories and thoughts.

The Young Choreographers Platform initiative aims at encouraging young artists working with dance or related ancillary art forms to participate in potential exchange programmes. Through the Young Choreographers Platform, emerging artists are supported in the areas of choreographic development and subsequent performance. Resources such as peers, guides, and studio infrastructure are made readily available for the dancers, for them to focus on developing work with an individual style or language. The platform is for young choreographers helping them to produce their work and subsequently tour it. The driving force behind the programme is the desire and need for a young generation of choreographers to present their work on a larger and more public platform. Therefore, it is intended for emerging choreographers who have not yet presented their work in a formal theatre milieu.

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  • Kolkata Centre for Creativity: Emerging Artists’ Platform

KCC engages and encourages participation in arts, culture and creativity through multi-disciplinary exchange. They facilitate capacity building and artistic enhancement of professionals with special focus on emerging and mid-career artists. Their mission is to address global and local concerns with a network of people-public partnerships.

KCC Emerging Artists’ Platform (EAP) is a platform for emerging dancers, theatre practitioners, and movement artists to present their ongoing work before a live audience. EAP breaks boundaries allowing classical forms and contemporary movements to bridge the gap between cultural roots and lived experiences of the practitioners. Proposals are sought from across India. Moving forward, KCC intends to expose the most promising artists to wider audiences by participating in various National and International festivals, conferences, and biennales, and grow the scope for collaborations and other artistic possibilities.

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